Nail Art // Nested Heart Tips for a Belated Valentines (oops)

by - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

So I am terrible at remembering to do seasonal looks at the right time. Case in point: this was the look I put together for Valentine's Day, but as I'm sure you realize today is NOT Valentine's Day. Haha. Oops? Better late than never! (I feel like I say that a lot.)

When I decided to put this look together I was sitting at my computer desk looking at the pile of polishes scattered around. I do my nails in my living room area but I always lug all the polishes I used into the bedroom so as I type up the post I can remember what everything is called. This results in a huge pile of polish just chillin on my desk that I clear out maybe once a month.

SO for this look I only used polish already on my desk and nothing else. I also started with no real plan so I'm glad what I ended up with was actually pretty good! Go me!

I started out with a holo base of Julep Tin Man with a bit of China Glaze Fairy Dust for a bit of extra glitter. Next up I decided to do a dry brush mani with China Glaze Givers Theme and Avon Viva Pink.

Since this was originally supposed to be a Valentine's Day mani (oops) I knew I wanted to do something heart themed, and the only thing I could think of to do without any extra nail art tools was this nested heart look. I just used the brushes from the polish and layered it lightest to darkest: Essie White Page, L'Oreal Paris Butterfly Kisses, and more Avon Viva Pink.

They're not perfect but they look great to me! :)

So... Happy Belated Valentine's Day! Hahah. I hope you all had a fabulous day. :)

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. I totally hear you on never getting seasonal manicures done at the right time! I'm always missing things and then scrambling at the last minute haha. These nails are really cute though! I love how the base turned out!

  2. These are cute, and the perfect nail art to do with a couple of days of tip wear ;-)

  3. That dry brush base is EVERYTHING!! I'm not big on hearts, but I'd love to see what that looked like before the hearts. Beautiful color pairing.

  4. What a unique style! I love this mani!

  5. So much yes to this! The distressed look, the sparkle, the hearts! <3


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