Nail Art // Watermarble Stamping Nail Fail :\

by - Friday, January 06, 2017

Today I have an older look that I dug up on my computer to share with you... I've recently gotten a new computer so I'm in the process of moving everything over and getting used to the new system (ew Windows 10) and let me tell you it has been a PAIN!

But the good thing is that it has made me organize and properly store my blog files, and it's helped me pull up some looks I forgot about (like this one)! In my opinion it's a total nail fail but I know sometimes you guys feel differently than I do. So take a look at the rest of the pics and let me know what you think!

It's been a while since I did this look (like, months) so in terms of polish all I can tell you is that I started with a base of Zoya Aurora and used a few OPI polishes to colour the rest of the stamp design in.

This was my first attempt with Harunouta Plate L005 from Born Pretty Store (though I've since used it to greater success) and I think I may have used Konad Dark Blue Stamping Polish for the outline... Maybe? Maybe. I think so.

It's a shame because I am no good at traditional watermarbles either.. I think I'm really going to have to work on using this plate better because a part of me feels it's my only hope at watermarble-looking designs, haha...

Anyway, let me know what you think! Is this a fail or am I being to hard on myself? (Hint: it's a fail!)

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. It doesn't look like a watermarble but I don't think it's a fail. It's very pretty.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that's one of the reasons I don't really like it I think, it looks more like a flower than a watermarble. :/

  2. It doesn't look all that bad to me.

  3. Definitely too hard on yourself. It looks fine, maybe lighter colors will show off the swirly better.

  4. It's definitely not a fail! If you forget the watermarble part, it's just awesome abstractness with gorgeous colour combos!

  5. The color combo on this is great. I wouldn't say this is a fail at all. It looks more like flower petals.

  6. Love the color combo and the best part about watermarble is that it doesn't have to be perfect. Keep practicing.

  7. I love Aurora for the base, you should definitely try again! I'd love for you to show us your progress and practice.


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