Nail Art // The Digit-al Dozen Does Decades: 1980's Aesthetic Nails

by - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My second look for the Decades prompt with The Digit-al Dozen! I decided to go with the 1980's this time (or technically as my friend said "it's the 90's because the 1980's didn't end until 1994").

This was a really fun look to do, and all I knew when I started is that I wanted to incorporate cassette tapes. I was 100% going to freehand them but then I realised I had a stamping plate and decided to make use of that instead.

Check below for a better look!

Neon fabulousness!

I started off with a coat of Julep Tin Man (which is a silver linear holo) and then added a coat of the gorgeous Beyond the Nail Dune Buggy (which is a silver scattered olo with neon circle glitter). Let me tell you, it was gorgeous enough on it's own at this stage!

I ended up using two different stamping plates to put this look together. The layers of triangles are from MoYou London Holy Shapes 19 and the other designs were from Cheeky CH51.

Polish-wise I ended up using a lot, but the stars of the look were the neons from both the Essie 2016 Neons Collection and the Color Club Poptastic Neons (which stamped surprisingly well)!

Guys... I am in love with these! The colour palette of the 80's is so fun to play with, and the bold shapes are just perfection! LOVE!

Want to see some more fun decade-inspired looks? Look no further! Here's the awesome looks the other ladies of The Digit-al Dozen put together for day 2...

So what do you think, are these more 80's or 90's to you? Weigh in down below in the comments! :) 

Thanks for visiting! xx 

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  1. This manicure is fun with all the bright colors and sparkle to it.

  2. These are so awesome and perfect for the 80s. Love it!

    Tracy xx

  3. Thats a super awesome way to represent the 90's girl, love it so much!!

  4. Love it! That is the perfect sparkly base!

  5. Love the cassette! I remember having those when I was little. I had this little player that had an attached microphone that I would use while playing the beach boys in it! LOL! My parents had a ton of old cassettes that we listened to!

  6. Oh my, these are so much fun!! I love everything about this look!

  7. Always cool to discover when regular polishes stamp!


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