Indie Review + Swatch // My First Impressions of LynB Designs

by - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So remember last year when I went over the top with indies on Black Friday? Yeah, I think LynB Designs was one of the biggest orders I made.. Free shipping threshold + free gifts with purchase levels (and I had to hit all of them!) + huge discount code + a 12-piece mystery holo line? YES PLEASE.

All-in-all I ended up with 28 polishes from my one order, haha. I just couldn't stop! They were all so pretty, and I got pulled into the Black Friday hype! I regret nothing!

Today I'm doing a first impression review of LynB Designs, both as a brand and as individual polishes. This is the second indie brand I've reviewed like this (the first was my much-loved Beyond the Nail).

For this overall brand review I decided to close my eyes and randomly choose two polishes (because I just couldn't choose) to swatch and I ended up with two lovely jelly polishes packed with glitter and flakies, respectively! Check under the cut for a review on the polishes, the brand, and my customer service experience in detail! :)

LynB Designs Fun with Flags

First up we have Fun with Flags which was inspired by the TV show The Big Bang Theory. It's a deep green jelly with a variety of blue and green hex glitter scattered throughout.

What you can see here is three coats with top coat, and the top coat smoothed the glitter bits down fully (even the big ones) which was great. Nothing worse than a glitter that is trying to peek out of the top coat and say 'hello'!

My one comment about this one is that I would suggest using undies with it... As you can see I swatched it over my naked nail and even with three coats there is DEFINITE visible nail line.

LynB Designs All The Stars That We Can See

The second polish I have to share with you today is All the Stars That We Can See from the About a Galaxy Collection. This one is really unique - it's a blackened jelly that seems to be slightly greenish-blue and it is packed with flakies to add depth and colour. I think I'm gonna use this as the base to my next galaxy mani!

It took three coats to build up to full coverage for me which was fine because each layer added brought more and more depths of flakie goodness, yessss. And no undies needed! There is also one layer of top coat here to smooth it all down.

My First Impressions 

Customer Service 

I got a really positive vibe from this brand. The maker was really great at promoting her sales (I think for BF there was a 50% off code?) and when I had an issue with the checkout she got back to me and got it fixed within five minutes.

Polish Quality and Variety

The polishes also had so much variety in terms of colour and finish. I picked up a HUGE variety - holo, jelly, glitter, creme... They all look really unique, too! The fact that I swatched two random jelly polishes here and they were TOTALLY different speaks a lot to the variety available.

One issue I did have was that both of these jelly bases were quite thick. I think that was my fault because I didn't let them sit for a full 24 hours in the warmth before I opened them initially (oops!) though a few of the other shades I've used since (mainly the jellies) have also had a slight thickness problem. As long as you have some polish thinner handy it won't be a problem though, and in my opinion the colours are worth the occasional bit of extra work.

Price + Shipping

My entire first order was over $200 before discount, but the 50% off code made it much more reasonable. Shipping was $24 from the US to Canada for the entire thing and it came wonderfully packaged in two separate boxes with bubble wrap and tissue. Regularly priced each polish retails for $8 - $10 each.

Overall Thoughts 

Overall I'm really pleased with this brand and I will definitely be picking more up in the future. :) I've already used some LynB Designs shades in nail art (here and here) and I'm looking forward to being able to share more of them with you in the next few months!

You can check out more from LynB Designs in their shop!

Is this a brand you've tried before? Do you have any favourite shades you think I need to pick up?  :) Let me know! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. Nice swatches of the colors. I really like the look of All the Stars That We Can See a lot too.

  2. What fun things to get in the mail!

  3. LynBDesigns was one of the first indies that I ever tried (I was searching for Doctor Who polishes), and I've consistently been impressed by all the polishes that I've bought from her!

  4. I'm so glad you loved what you got from her. Did you happen to get Am I Ginger? or Our Little Infinity? Those are two of my favorites and always the first I recommend. I can't wait to see the others on you!

  5. That flake polish is gorgeous! I have it, too.

  6. I haven't tried this brand yet, I'm glad to hear (and see) how great they seem :)

  7. I'm loving the galaxy polish!
    I've got a number of LynBs and I love them. I actually recently accidentally purchased 5 more... Oops! And I'm actually coincidentally wearing one of them right now, lol, and I love it...

  8. I haven't tried this brand (yet) but for sure one that I want to make sure to try this year!


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