Swatch // Sinful Colors After Dark

by - Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Sorry for the radio silence everyone, I've been getting ready to go on a trip with my family and things have been very busy! :) To make it up to you today I have a swatch of a fun textured grey from Sinful Colors' Kylie Jenner Collection - After Dark!

Okay, I'll admit it: watching Keeping Up With the Kardashian's is a guilty pleasure of mine. Despite that I haven't ever bought any of their branded products, until now. I decided to try one of the Sinful Colors x Kylie Jenner shades because they were on sale at my local Rexall and I thought "Hey, no one likes a textured polish more than me!"

After Dark is from the Denim & Bling Collection and it's a lovely textured slate grey with a hint of shimmer. It applied really well with two coats, though if you're not already a texture fan you'll want to pass on this one - it is DEFINITELY textured! You could probably smooth it down with a couple thick layers of top coat, though. If you really wanted.

Fun! I have no idea what kind of nail art I could use this for... Maybe for rocks, or for something earthy? That's the vibe it's giving me... What do you think?? Any ideas?

Let me know! :) And thanks for visiting! xx

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