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by - Friday, July 22, 2016

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Hello! The lovely people over at Nicole Diary reached out to me a month or so ago asking if I would like to give some of their water decals a try, and I said of course because I love water decals! So today I'm showing you the first of 10 looks that they sent me. 

I've tried to use all the sets in a variety of different ways to show off what you can do with water decals and I'm also trying to be a little more adventurous in my colour combos, so watch out! Haha. 

Today we're looking at a summery mani I put together using some multi-coloured flower decals as full-nail accents. You can see the original packaging from this set above. It comes with a sheet divided into 10 full nail decals which you need to cut apart, submerge in water, and apply to the nail. 

I used the bottom row from the sheet which are transparent, but I've heard from other reviews that sometimes the top row is all solid coloured (so the white background would be printed as well). I'll have to experiment with that next time!

For my two accent nails I applied two coats of Essie White Page and when it was dry I soaked and applied my decals. They transferred really easily and the design is big enough to do two nails with each strip if you cut it right (if your nails aren't super long!). 

The other nails I alternated with Essie Taj-Ma-Haul and Nama-Stay-the-Night (both swatched here). I decided to pull from the other colours in the decals when I chose these, they match really well! :) 

You can find this exact design here and for any order you make you can also use the code Ka2016 (put it in the order note) and they will include a little gift worth between $3-$5 with your order. :)

Let me know what you think! Have you ever tried decals from Nicole Diary before? If so, what did you think? 

Thanks for visiting! xx 

You can check out Nicole Diary's store through AliExpress and check them out on instagram, too!

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  1. Those floral accent decals are very pretty!

  2. The decals are nice (I'm not a fan of decals really) but I'm loving that terra cotta nude!

  3. These are really cute. At first I thought they were something you stamped l. Awesome

  4. I love these, I thought they were stamped when I saw the pic too

  5. I suck at decal and vinyls...anything of that nature. These are so freaking cute, I'm jealous. Great mani!

  6. I love ND water decals and these are so pretty, too!

  7. That matches so well! I really love the decals :)

  8. Those floral accents are so nice! I really like how simple and stunning they are

  9. Those decals are so pretty!

  10. the sticker/decal is perfect with the anti-accent nails.


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