Swatch // Essie All Access Pass for Alphabet Nails "A"

by - Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Swatch of the indigo purple nail polish Essie All Access Pass

Hey hey! Happy Tuesday! :) Today I have some quick swatches to share with you as part of a new linkup I'm taking part in where me and a few other bloggers are swatching polish for every colour of the alphabet! Not the most original series, I know at least 3 other bloggers doing similar things outside of our group, but it's still a fun challenge I think!

I'm looking forward to digging through my polishes to see what I have for each letter, though already from looking for the first few letters I am kicking myself for not keeping a spreadsheet up-to-date with all my polish names... Picking them all up and flipping them over till I find a winner is a pain! Haha. Oh well.

Enough chit chat! Today I'm swatching Essie All Access Pass which is my fill for 'A'!

Swatch of Essie All Access Pass from the 2015 Neons Collection

All Access Pass is a really lovely indigo-violet creme from Essie's 2015 Neons Collection.

The colour on this one is stunning, however my one complaint is it was a pain in the ass to apply. :( The first coat was a streaky mess (lovingly referred to by my mom as "nails that a kindergarten student painted") and though it evened out with a second coat it was still difficult to spread around the nail. I'm hoping adding some thinner to it will clear the issues up, but if not I may have to put this in the "pretty but never using again" pile. Boo!

Ah well. Take a look at the other polish and art in the linkup below, and then let me know what you think! 

Thanks for visiting! xx

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  1. I was thinking as I saw your post that I own this but didn't notice it during my recent sort out, the formula may be why! I probably got rid of it, there are similar colours without the headaches

    1. Yeah, it's such a pain! Unfortunately I don't know that I have any colours exactly the same, but as soon as I find a moderately similar dupe I'll probably 'retire' this one lol.

  2. Nice swatches of this color!

  3. At least it's a really great color. It just cracks me up that this polish was in a "neon" collection. Lol

  4. Ohhhh, I really love that color! It's a shame that the formula is crappy.

  5. I love the color but dang, I hate when beautiful colors are a PITA to apply!

  6. Shame about the formula because the colour itself is awesome!

  7. Beautiful color!! You wear it great!

  8. Too bad that application is so tricky, because this colour is SO COOL!

  9. I would never have known this was such a bad formula from your manis - you definitely made it behave!

  10. This is a gorgeous polish. I actually have this one and haven't used it yet. Now I'm not sure I want too lol.


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