ProcrastiNails: Swatch and Review // Nails on a Budget with Mariposa Shimmer Polishes

Swatches of Dollarama Mariposa Shimmer Nail Polishes

One of my favourite things to do on a day off is to go to the dollar store to look through what kind of supplies they have for nail art. They usually also have a stash of Essie and NOPI polishes that I can look through, as well as a section of cheaper brand polishes packaged into sets that I’ve never really given much thought to. One of those brands is Mariposa and last week I decided “Why not, let’s pick some up and give them a try!” Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised!

So today I’m sharing the first of two sets of 6 that I picked up – each set only costs $3! Amazing! Your nails can look gorgeous even if you’re on a budget. 🙂

And I can promise – you’re gonna wanna look at the macros of these polishes. They are stunning!