Nail Art + Review // Born Pretty Store Sailor Moon Stamping Plate BP-49

by - Wednesday, April 08, 2015

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Periodically it seems like a Sailor Moon stamping plate comes to light in the nail art community and everyone immediately dashes to get it. That's how I feel, anyway! The last two I came across on instagram were already sold out by the time I got to them, so imagine how excited I was when I was sent this stamping plate with "Star and Moon" designs on it to review from Born Pretty Store! (Hint: I was pretty gosh darn excited.) Check under the cut for my full review of the plate and (a LOT) more pictures of this look!

Plate BP-49 as pictured on Born Pretty Store

This stamping plate is called Lovely Mixed Star & Moon Various Images Nail Art Stamping Template Image Plate BP49.  As you can see it has a great mix of designs on it, including some simple hearts and stars. Right now it's on sale for $1.99 so pick it up while you can!

For my base I started with a gradient of three Colour Club holos: Miss Bliss, Eternal Beauty and Over the Moon. I always think pastels go well with Sailor Moon looks, probably because I had a childhood spent obsessing over Sailor Moon and looking at the dreamy official art that went with the manga. My stamping was done with my trusty Konad White Stamping Polish.

I decided to stamp a variety of designs from the plate across my nails rather than trying to isolate a few designs. If you wanted to isolate individual images though you could just wipe them off your stamping plate after you picked up the image, leaving only the one(s) you want.

The design stamped really crisply, and I think it looks stellar over the holo gradient base. :) The white really pops!

I wish I could tell you what each of the images was... I'm sure childhood me could do it, but adult me has had that knowledge pushed out. I'll give an e-high five to anyone who can name at least two of them, though!

And here's a quick shot with the holo activated!

Overall I'm really really pleased with this stamping plate - I love the designs and the stamping was really crisp. Born Pretty Store has really made a name for themselves in the stamping game recently, and I LOVE IT.

Born Pretty Store sells a number of nail art accessories and tools and if you're interested in picking up this plate (or anything else!) you can use my discount code for 10% off: ASZW10

Are there any pop culture-related nail art things you always keep your eye out for? I'd love to hear about them! 

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  1. The gradient colours are the best base for a Sailor Moon mani imo, it does remind me of the anime (though I haven't seen it in years xD)

  2. The gradient underneath it is pretty!

  3. Love these so much!! I'm always on the hunt for Doctor Who plates and Hunger Games :)

  4. All 3 of the holo are beautiful! Love the stamping plate too!

  5. The stamping looks great and so the gradient! And you kinda relieved me on that plate because I thought the circles were much bigger and you couldn't tell what you had on your nails once stamped. But I can see they are pretty perfect for fitting the nails! I guess now I need it, too.

  6. A Sailor Moon inspired plate! Gah! This is to-die for, I love the mani you did. I definitely need to pick this one up for myself.

  7. I am dying over your color combinations lately, you are just killing it!!

  8. I think it's very appropriate you used a gradient background for the stamping! Gorgeous combo!

  9. I love the combo of those colors with that stamping!

  10. That plates stamps so crisply and I love your gradient. :)

  11. I would have never even know that the stamping plate was Sailor Moon-related (because I'm pretty clueless about Sailor Moon besides pics I've seen) but I think the plate is really cute anyway. I love your gradient and how the stamping pops over it!

  12. Cooooooool! And how funny that we both posted something Sailor Moon related at the same time, lol! This manicure is gorgeous and I wish I had this plate, so I could use it in my Sailor Moon polish swatches, lol! I'm totally clueless about it, but I do like the way it looks and the cuteness lol!

  13. These are so cosmic looking! I love the colors you chose for your gradient! I don't know much about sailor moon, but the plate is cute!


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